French lessons and French translations

Welcome to France, and welcome to my website.

If you've moved to France recently and don't know much French yet – or perhaps have forgotten most of what you learned years ago – you may be finding it difficult to cope with everyday tasks: shopping, dealing with your bank and your estate agent, not to mention the reputedly fearsome French public services. You may also want to be able to chat with your neighbours and get out and make friends with some French people.

If you plan to be in France for some time, don't hesitate to learn French! Please contact me and I'll meet you for a free and obligation-free first French lesson.

My teaching method includes vocabulary, grammar learning and improvised conversation. You'll be listening, talking and writing in a calm, stress-free and pleasant atmosphere. I'll use French television, newspapers and songs, so that you feel connected with your new everyday environment and pick up essential cultural and practical information.

As a qualified public letter-writer, I can also help you in all your everyday or special writing tasks. Whether you need to write to the prefecture or your boss in French, I can help you. If you're wanting to work extensively with me – to write your autobiography in French or to complete several translations a week or month, for example – then our first meeting - at which we'll talk about your needs - will be free and without obligation.

I charge 20€ /hour, and will meet you at your home. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!